Gene is a true innovator ... He's smart, resourceful and extremely generous with his expertise ... If you want to work with a person who sees possibilities and gets things done, Gene is the perfect person!  
-- Bonnie Budzowski, Founder and President of In Credible Messages 

Since 1986, organizations at an impasse have been forging new horizons with the help of Gene Veno. 
Gene Veno and Associates are builders – just not in the ordinary sense. Rather than designing and constructing things made from bricks and mortar, they work with organizations and individuals to build them into what they want to be.
An architect of change .......
· Gene led the effort to rebuild an urban school district so crippled by dissension and mismanagement that it teetered on the brink of bankruptcy.  Through his deft leadership, Veno forged an unlikely consensus among adversaries while galvanizing a team of experts that went on to achieve dramatic advances through sweeping financial and academic reform. 
· Gene achieved unprecedented legitimacy, professional harmony and thus greater influence for America's chiropractors, a long misunderstood profession that had been historically marginalized by external stakeholders and wracked by internal strife
· Gene advocated for and established life-altering safety measures for Insurance Adjustors across America in the wake of too many tragedies that took the lives of those who served in this noble profession.
The list of his achievements goes on and on.  From national advocacy to local grass roots change agentry, Gene has a way of building common ground by envisioning what others do not or cannot see.  He is a potent strategist, catalyst and consultant who represent his clients with uncommon grace by dignifying those who might otherwise present obstacles to progress.  Known for his refreshing objectivity and integrity, Gene is respected far and wide for elevating the dialog regardless of how polarizing the subject.  
Whether your agenda requires expert mediation, advocacy, motivational speaking, financial reorganization or expert testimony, Gene is a trusted resource teeming with positive energy that has proven time and again to build extraordinary results.  
"Gene is a gentleman of great drive and vision ... He never fails to see the big picture, and keeps his eye on the ultimate goal.  He gets my highest recommendation. “Stephen M. Savoie, DC